Review our highly competitive rates for the savings accounts and certificates offered by The Finest Federal Credit Union. You can learn more about member savings accounts by clicking here.

Savings Rates

Account TypeAPYMinimum DepositMinimum Balance
Roth IRA Share0.50%$500.00$500.00
Traditional IRA Share0.50%$500.00$500.00
Holiday Club Account0.50%$25.00$25.00
Share Draft0.25%$0.00$5.00
Secondary Share0.50%$0.00$50.00
Membership Share0.50%$5.00$50.00

Certificate Rates

TitleAPYMinimum Deposit
6 Mo Share Cert3.04%$500.00
12 Mo Share Cert5.12%$500.00
18 Mo Share Cert4.59%$500.00
24 Mo Share Cert4.33%$500.00
36 Mo Share Cert3.82%$500.00
48 Mo Share Cert3.82%$500.00
60 Mo Share Cert3.82%$500.00
6 Mo IRA Cert3.04%$500.00
12 Mo IRA Cert5.12%$500.00
18 Mo IRA Cert4.59%$500.00
24 Mo IRA Cert4.33%$500.00
36 Mo IRA Cert3.82%$500.00
48 Mo IRA Cert3.82%$500.00
60 Mo IRA Cert3.82%$500.00